Seen at TEDGlobal, 5 hilarious TEDx videos from around the world

Kommer du ihåg första gången du smakade…?

Någon har filmat.🙂

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Before TEDGlobal 2013, director Bruno Giussani reached out to the giant community of TEDx organizers around the world to ask for some comic relief. He asked them, “What are the funniest videos from your event?” And, as usual, TEDx’ers came through — with wild enthusiasm.

Below, the 5 hilarious TEDx Talks Giussani selected to show at TEDGlobal. Not surprisingly, many of them brought down the house:

The First Taste: Saatchi & Saatchi at TEDxSydney
It’s a winning formula for comedy: kids plus foods they’ve never tasted before. In this beautifully shot short film, produced by the folks at Saatchi & Saatchi and premiered at TEDxSydney, seven youngsters try foods for the first time — from olives to gherkin — all in slow-motion.

When Pigs Fly: Sandra Boynton at TEDxYale‬
When she’s not putting together children’s music compilations with the likes of Fountains of Wayne, Ryan Adams, Ben Folds and ……

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