What up?


So it’s been a while, much of the reason for that is my general unability to ORGANIZE… if compleate failure to keep a tidy home was an olympic event I would win all the medals🙂

So anyhow, this problem needs to be adressed, meet my weapon of destruction, it is evil incarnate:

wpid-20140218_123151_1_Antonio_Metal_Cornered.jpgBadass jar of things to do!

I’m working on the name…

The plan here is to pick a task and do it, when the jar is empty I will have myself some organimization! In order for the task to end up in the jar it needs to be without a deadline – and I decided to limit it to organizing tasks since that at the moment is my major pet peeve. I put things like ”one kitchen drawer” on the notes, so it will be doable in an hour or less, this way it’s not such a huge undertaking.

Time will show if it’s a sucess or not.

On a different note – Mowgli (the plant) is still alive in spite of me forgetting to water him for a loong time. I thought he was dead but some new soil, a bigger pot and some trimming and he bounced right back. Mowgli is one tough houseplant that is for certain.


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