About me



Once upon a time I was a reader, I read everything and enjoyed most of it. Then for some reason I stopped. My love for books was still there but no serious reading, for about 15 years. And it is true what is written – use it or loose it. I lost it. A couple of years ago I began my journey to reclaim my ability to read. And let me tell you – it is a struggle. Slowly year by year I’m getting better at it and this year I have decided that the next step is to start a blog about reading.

Now, english is my second language so my writing skills will hopefully improve over time. The same can be said for my skills on literature. I’m here to learn and get better.

So what can you expect to find here? Well for this year (2017) it will be mostly books, sometime I might write about other things but the plan is to concentrate on books. This year I have decided to read purley for plesure and focus on analyzing what I read.

Best regards,