The origin of the commonplace predates internet (hell I predate internet…)

In the olden days circa 16 hundreds when the printing press made books more easily available to more people and reading really became a thing. There was talk of information overload and people found it difficult to sort all the informaton they came across. Their solution to this was the commonplace book.

Today we have the internet, books, newspapers, tv and probably a couple i missed. They thought they had information overload? pah! WE have information overload. And also with an increasing diskussion about how everything we do pretty much can be monitored these days there just might be a need for the commonplace even today.

I am facinated with the concept of the commonplace book. It’s a notebook where you collect interesting data, whatever is interesting to you. The commonplace book is in a way a diary but not in a what happened to me today way, no this is more of a what did I discover and what did I think of it way. It’s an organized form of external brain.

There is something about putting pen to paper that makes it easier to connect with a text, it becomes more ingrained in the brain than if you are hitting a keyboard. It’s easier to remember something if you have read it outloud to yourself and written it down. Engage as many of your senses as possible if you really want to remember something. Sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. If you chew a gum while studying, chew the same flavour when you take the test. It’s the same principle as the way we have strong memories connected with certain smells, the smell of a blown out candle always brings me right back to the breakfast table during december when I was a kid. There was always one or more candles burning, counting down to christmas.

The commonplace is a way of interacting on a deeper level with the text and that is on my list for this year. I’m working on becoming a better reader so I think a commonplace of my is a neccessity.

A lot of famous people have used commonplace books so in the sprit of “if a Kardashian is using it it must be good” mabye we should try replacing the Kardashians of the world with the Einsteins. hmm? come on – why not give it a shot?

At the top of this text is a link to where I gather information about the commonplace book if you want to read more about it by people who write better than I do 🙂



Two weeks of book vacation

Yesterday I decided to take a look at what I was reading this time last year. I wanted to compare it to my vacation year just to see if there was any difference.

January 2016 I read five books.


So far this year I have read five books:


Now  my point here is not that oh my godness I read so many books. What I find interesting is that last year it was a struggle and this year it’s a pleasure and that shows in the numbers.  I don’t think the quality of the books are so very different. There are two books considered YA on the list for this year and there is two classics and a very cool short story collection. I like the variation, when I started my bookvaycay one of my concerns was that I would choose to read only easy stuff.

I don’t know if I really have a point here. But I am very happy about my vacation, taking a break from the have to’s is very relaxing and fun.

Last year I struggled my way through Moby Dick. It was a chore. The darling Melville does have his long descriptions of seaweed and what colour the water is. I was very frustrated with the lack of white wale. That beeing said. The book is very good. I’m glad I  read it and I will probably read it again. Also by reading Moby Dick I found Bartelby the Scrivener and that is a lovely, lovely thing.

There is a time to read the Moby Dicks of the world and that is time well spent and there is a time to relax and enjoy having read the Moby Dicks and that is also time well spent. Pretty much time with books is time well spent 🙂

Now I will go and continue with my next read.

Reading for joy, a year’s vacation

Of course we read for plesure, right? However I often find myself caught up in the web of I need to read this, it’s a classic or everybody else is loving this or it’s the next part of a series or… whatever. These are all valid reasons but they are not necessarily going to lead to a plesurable reading experience. Sometimes they do.

One of my reading goals for 2017 is to stop with the forced reading. This year I plan to read whatever I want. I will read for joy. If I start a book that I’m not enjoying I will put that effing thing down WHITOUT FINISHING IT!  That will be a challenge 🙂

There is a time and place to read the heavy stuff, books filled with facts, the ones that take time and effort. I’m not saying I won’t read those books, I probably will. I do enjoy that type of reading, I will not force myself to read a book. That’s the big difference.  I’m taking a year of from the have to’s, a reading vacation.

At the moment I’m reading A Closed and Common Orbit by Becky Chambers. The second book in a series that begun with A Long Way to A small, Angry Planet. I belive these books are considered young adult and  I’m not supposed to read them. Because I’m old. Well I’m calling bullshit on that, there are a lot of really good books within young adult litterature. Of course there is also a lot of bad ones, that is true whatever genre you are reading. This year I’m not listening to my inner voice telling me what I can and can’t read. I’m gonna read all the nice things!

So my plan for this blog during 2017 is to focus on my reading and to use it to get better at writing (I know my spelling is really really bad…) and better at reading critically. So I have a really low goal at goodreads this year, only 25 books. Hopefully I will read more but if I only read 25 I’m good with that.

Under re-construction

I haven’t touched this blog in a really long time. Now it’s time for a change. To begin with I will try to write in english. That in and of itself will be a massive challenge – I really can’t spell very well so this will be a good way to get better at that.

The next thing I want to change is what this blog is about. It iswas mostly art journaling and a bit of bookbinding, I want to write more about books. Bookreviews really. For 2017 one of my goals is to write reviews for the books I read. Also I have given myself the year of from reading books I think I need to read, 2017 will be about reading for fun. The challenge will be to write about it.

So I’m trying something new and I’m looking forward to it. The plan is to launch the new look on new years eve after midnight. Swedish time 🙂

Min nya anslagstavla


Tjusigt eller hur?

Jag köpte en anslagstavla pÄ IKEA för sisÄdÀr hundra Är sedan. Den har stÄtt ouppackad i ett hörn sedan dess, jag visste inte riktigt vad jag skulle göra med den. SÄ bestÀmde jag mig för att iaf mÄla den turkos. Det gick nÄgra veckor till och idag fick den sÄ Àntligen ett jobb.

Idag har jag gÄtt igenom min lÀgenhet och satt post-it lappar pÄ alla lÄdor och skÄp, fÀrg efter svÄrighetsgrad. SkÄpen ska stÀdas ur och organiseras. Det som inte anvÀnds ska bort. För att göra det hela lite roligare har jag gjort en lista över saker jag vill köpa som jag egentligen inte behöver och gett post-it lapparna olika poÀng. För 300 poÀng fÄr jag köpa en ny penna med blÀck och papper. En Ipad kommer kosta mig 1000 poÀng osv. Jag sÀtter Àven upp lappar för annat Àn lÄdstÀdning. Idag har jag röjt upp i en klÀdhög och stÀdat undan mina dvd skivor som lÄg över hela lÀgenheten.

Ny traveller notebook


Omslaget har jag gjort av en gammal vÀska som jag klippte sönder. Jag klistrade fast en bit canvas pÄ avigsidan för att göra tyget mer stabilt. Sedan mÄlade jag canvasen klippte biten till lÀmplig storlek och gjorde hÄl för snöret.

Omslaget Àr kortare Àn den förra och tillrÀckligt bred för att jag ska fÄ plats med allt.

Om du vill göra nĂ„got liknande rekommenderar jag pocketfullofvintage pĂ„ youtube,lĂ€nk lĂ€ngst ner, hon har gjort en serie videos om hur man gör en travellers notebook med anteckningsböcker och lull-lull. Jag valde att bara ha tvĂ„ snören för böcker – dĂ„ fĂ„r jag lĂ€tt in sex anteckningsböcker vilket rĂ€cker gott och vĂ€l. Jag har inte heller nĂ„got fĂ€ste för penna eftersom jag vill kunna vĂ€nda pĂ„ mitt omslag och anvĂ€nda den med den mĂ„lade sidan utĂ„t. Eftersom jag anvĂ€nder tyg istĂ€llet för lĂ€der har jag satt knappar dĂ€r gummibandet gĂ„r igenom tyget för att hindra att bandet töjer tyget för mycket.

Anteckningsböckerna har jag gjort sjÀlv av diverse anteckningspapper och skrÀppapper. Man kan Àven köpa billiga anteckningsböcker och skÀra ner dem till rÀtt storlek.

Bokrea 2015


Det blev en liten hög iÄr ocksÄ. Blir sÀkert nÄgra till men nu fÄr jag rensa ut lite bland de böcker jag har.

UppifrÄn och ned har jag köpt.
Brev i urval – Marcel Proust. Har inte lĂ€st nĂ„got av honom Ă€n. Fastnade för utdraget pĂ„ baksidan dĂ€r han skriver och tackar för senast pĂ„ ett vĂ€ldigt inspirerande sĂ€tt.

NĂ€sta bok i högen köpte jag endast baserat pĂ„ utseende, det Ă€r tre böcker sim de har limmat ihop. Har inte hört talas om författaren – Cesar Aira.

Sedan har vi Haruki Murakami, jag tyckte bra om 1Q84 sÄ varför inte.

Valentines första fru och annat gammalt av Arto Pasilinna. En av mina favoritförfattare.

Kvinnan som gick till sÀngs i ett Är av Sue Townsend.

Flickan frÄn ingenstans av Justin Crown.

Sist men inte minst en samlingsvolym med berÀttelser av Jules Verne.

Jag kÀnner mig rÀtt nöjd faktiskt.

Gamla synder =)

Jag har sparat alla min art journals sedan jag började för, kan det vara tre Är sedan? Det hÀnder att jag blÀddrar igenom dem för att pÄminna mig sjÀlv om att jag faktiskt Àven om det inte kÀnns sÄ just dÄ har utvecklats och lÀrt mig. Jag tror de flesta har saker, former som de ÄtervÀnder till gÄng pÄ gÄng. NÄgra ritar geometriska former, andra gör cirklar eller streckgubbar. Idag noterade jag att jag har ritat, skissat, mÄlat ett ohemult stort antal ansikten. BestÀmde mig för att sno ihop en liten video med alla ansikten i nÄgorlunda kronologisk följd.

Nu Ă€r mitt tĂ„lamod begrĂ€nsat sĂ„ kvaliten pĂ„ videon Ă€r dĂ€refter. Jag roterade alla bilderna rĂ€tt men det verkar inte ha tagit skruv… Jag behöver definitivt öva eller skaffa en bĂ€ttre app för videoredigering men för tillfĂ€llet blir det inte bĂ€ttre Ă€n sĂ„hĂ€r:

Long time, no art


SÄ idag bestÀmde jag mig för att mÄla. Det finns dagar nÀr jag vill och dagar som denna. Dagar nÀr jag bestÀmmer att nu har det gÄtt för lÄng tid, nu Àr det dags att sÀtta rumpa pÄ stol och pensel pÄ papper.

Blev riktigt nöjd. Jag har inte full fason pÄ detdÀr med hÄr. Det blir nÄgot bÀttre för varje gÄng sÄ förr eller senare.